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March Madness Bracket Breakdown Infographic

March Madness Bracket Breakdown Infographic

Created by Silver Oak Casino Games. Read the original blog here.

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Basketball Tips: Line Up with the Free Throw Line Nail

Tip: Line your body up for a free throw by centering yourself using the nail on the free throw line [caption id="attachment_6091" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Ray Allen free throw footwork"][/caption]On almost any properly made hardwood basketball floor, a single nail is pounded into the very center of the free throw line, directly in ...

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The Need for Coaches and Hoops in an Industry of Youth

Sports are industries that rely on youth. Professional and Amateur athletes peak in their late 20's, when most industry professionals are only beginning to learn the ropes of their industry. When you look at a professional basketball team and its development programs, the average age range is probably ...

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NCPA Study: Right Data, Wrong Conclusions

I just browsed through the recent NCPA (National College Players Association) study "The Price of Poverty in Big Time College Sport", which has gotten a lot of attention in the press. In general, the study looked at the value of a student-athlete and offers some suggestions for improving the system. Most ...

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Get Your Hoop
Purchase your own basketball hoop for your driveway from Top Hoops. Basketball.org recommends fiberglass backboards and nylon nets to keep your ball in the best shape possible.

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Jeremy Lin gets his first career dunk against the Wizards on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012.
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